Spas and Relaxation

Having your very own spa is a great way to relax, entertain guests and spend quality time with your family. Nothing beats soaking in the hot swirling water and getting a soothing massage. It’s like having your personal masseuse or a stress-free vacation without having to leave your home.The word “spa” supposedly comes from the small village of Spa, Belgium that is famous for its natural hot springs which are said to have healing and soothing properties in them. The word Spa may also have a Latin origin as an acronym for “Salut per Aqua, Solus per Aqua, and Sanus per Aquam.” This means health, oneness and soundness through water. Whatever its origins, a spa connotes invigoration, relaxation and wellness.This form of relaxation is so popular that one-quarter of all American adults or 57 million people have visited a spa at least once, according to the International Spa Association. Among the reasons cited for this includes stress reduction and relief, soothing sore joints and muscles, and simply feeling better about one’s health.Not surprisingly, there are numerous studies that support these findings. In one that involved over 3,300 Japanese government workers, the number of spa visits was linked to a better physical and mental health, including better quality of sleep and fewer sick days. In another study conducted by Florida State University and George Mason University researchers, spa therapy was able to lower both absenteeism from work and hospitalizations. No wonder many people enjoy going to spas nowadays.

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