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You Owe It To Yourself To Take Care Of Your Mind, Body, Spirit

Have you seen articles about the rate of obesity in America? Just to enlighten you to what is taking place, obesity has become an epidemic in America.The Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA) states, one in three adults and one in six kids and teens are obese. This is not good because medical cost are skyrocketing and this means fewer people will be able to afford medical cost in the future.It is time to get selfish about taking care of our mind, body and spirit. It is obvious some people have prioritized things, stuff, material possessions and lost focus of what really matters. Case in point, how can we help our spouse and or children if we become obese and ultimately have poor health?Let me take you down memory lane to assist you in understanding my relationship with obesity. While in high school, prior to ever driving my dads car or owning and driving my own car in the 11th grade, I was in fantastic physical shape.Why? My father could only afford an inexpensive car and he was not about to let me wreck his only car.The point I am making is this, I walked everywhere I had to go and or catch a ride with a relative or friend of mine. Walking keeps me in good physical shape as it does for many people.Ultimately I purchased my own car, had a part-time job and spent less time walking. Over the years I gradually gained weight, so personally for me there is a correlation between walking and good health, it is a good exercise.So how does one incorporate a mind, body and spirit program into their life. First things first, we must come into a consciousness of our mind that passes all understanding when it comes to ensuring our mindset is in tune with our whole person.In other words, our intentions must be right-minded and positioned such that, we adopt good habits for ourselves, leading to a healthy mental lifestyle. We are internal beings meaning, everything starts on the inside, in our mind and then our heart. Add a special ingredient called intention and let us face it, we are on our way by embracing a healthy mental attitude towards our health.As for taking care of your body, I highly recommend visiting your doctor first and get a comprehensive examination, from head to toe. Assess where you stand in relations to the results you receive from your doctor and work with your primary care provider to come up with a physical conditioning program.The bottom line is if you spend 30 minutes a day for three days a week walking, stretching, running, workout on a treadmill, weight lifting and or playing an organized sport. It has been proven that we add years to our life when we exercise, we sleep better, look better and have peace of mind. Physical exercise is time well spent and is a better investment than an expense healthcare program because it is a preventive measure.Lastly, and arguably one of the most important aspects of mind, body and spirit is spirit. Why?Everyone has a spirit and like all aspects of our life, we must take care of it. Taking care of our spirit may entail prayer, meditation, fellowship with others, and calling upon our creator for direction. Spirit represents a trinity of ones being and is a key indicator of people taking priority of their life.Make yourself the top priority of your life and watch how much better your life will be. When the mind, body and spirit is aligned, life takes on a whole new meaning, its get better and better.

What is Charcot’s Foot that Occurs in Diabetes?

Charcot’s foot is one of the many problems which might occur in those with diabetes mellitus. The higher blood sugar levels that stem from all forms of diabetes have an affect on numerous body systems including the eyesight, renal system as well as nerves. In long standing cases, particularly if there has been an unsatisfactory control of the blood sugar levels, you can find problems with the nerves supplying the feet. This will make the feet in danger of issues as if something fails, you don’t know it has gone wrong as you can not really feel it due to the harm to the nerves. This might be something as simple as standing on a rusty nail and that getting contaminated and you are not aware that you’ve stood on the nail. Should it be a blister or ingrown toenail which gets infected and you do not know that it is present on the foot unless you have a look. This is why foot care can be so necessary for those with diabetes and why it will be provided a great deal of emphasis. A Charcot foot is the destruction occurring to the bones and joints if you have an injury and you do not know that the injury has happened.

A way of looking at it could be to consider this way: pretend that you sprain your ankle horribly and you also are not aware that you have simply because you do not experience the pain from it. You then carry on and walk around on it. Picture all of the additional harm which you do by walking about on it. The earliest you may possibly discover that there may be something wrong happens when you take a seat and look at the feet and you observe that one is a great deal more swollen compared to the other foot. This is exactly what occurs in individuals with diabetes who develop a Charcot’s foot. There may be some destruction, such as a sprained ankle or maybe a progressive failure of the arch of the foot and as no pain is sensed they carry on and walk around on it. It should be apparent simply how much more injury that gets done to the original injury prior to the problem is finally observed because of the swelling. At times there is not much swelling, but the Charcot’s foot is picked up from the difference in temperature between the two feet as a result of inflammation related process in the damaged foot that generates more warmth.

The development of a Charcot foot really needs to be dealt with as a bit of an urgent situation since the further it advances the much more serious it’s going to be and the more challenging it can be to handle. The individual definitely needs to quit all weightbearing without delay or at least obtain a walking support so that the damage is protected. For the not too major instances and those conditions which were serious and have improved a really supportive orthotic in the footwear is required to support the feet and the injuries. Sometimes surgical procedures are required to straighten the subluxed and dislocated bones. By far the most critical situations can end up with the foot and/or leg required to be amputated as the trauma has been doing an excessive amount of impairment.