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Commercial Coffee Makers – What to Look For

There are two reasons to be looking at a commercial coffee maker. One is you want it for your home and want to best dang cup of coffee you can get out of a machine and you want it fast, and two is you own a business and you need to be able to pump out cups of coffee left and right. You also want a machine that’s reliable and easy to clean and one where you wont be telling your customers “sorry, our machine is down again we don’t have any coffee at the moment” and watch them walk away.Let’s break this article down into two parts, with this part being the home owner looking for some top notch coffee. The main feature you’re going to want to investigate is how many cups of coffee the machine can make at one time. The more cups of coffee it can make at a time the more the commercial coffee maker is going to cost. Some machines are capable of making up to 36 cups of coffee at a time, this is massive overkill for the home owner, unless you have 10 or 15 people running around inside. You can save a lot of cash just by picking out the machine that suits your needs. Another feature to look at for a home machine is how fast it can make the coffee, the faster it makes it the more you pay. If you have time in the morning or plan to turn the machine on before your shower you can get away with a machine that makes coffee slower than others. If you need the coffee fast as can be then you may want to pay a little extra for that sort of thing. Look in the product description to find out the rate of production.Now let’s analyze what you’re going to want to have in a business model. Evaluate how many people come in on a daily basis, or even plan to buy the machine that can output enough coffee to satisfy everyone on the busiest days. There’s no need to buy a coffee maker that can make 300 cups and hour if only 20 people come in an hour. Check to see what features you are going to want with the machine. Are there self cleaning features? Is that something you’d want and do you have time to clean it yourself if not? Is the frame and body made out of steel so it is durable and easy to clean? If you’re going to be serving a lot of coffee there is a feature called dual warmers. You can make two pots of coffee and put one on the top of the machine on a “warmer” which is a hot pad that keeps the coffee hot to serve, while the other sits in the normal spot on its own hot plate ready to serve. This way you can have 2 pots of coffee ready to go at all times.There you have it, whether you are looking at a commercial coffee maker for home or for your business with this information you are capable of making a well informed decision.